Hi! We are leuchtturmartig. We design moving encounters or, in other words, impactful events.

Whoever wants to make a difference must move people. And nothing influences our feelings, thoughts and actions more than the encounter experienced with all our senses..

When people meet at events at the right moment and in the right place, an absolutely remarkable energy is created. It is almost magical how these encounters flood us with enthusiasm, ideas and drive.

Tailored to the people and goals you want to achieve, we specifically combine spatial design, human interaction and digital solutions to create customized events whose impact can even be measured.

Want to move people together and make a difference?

Events are by far the most effective communication tool of our time.

Christoph Bredemeyer

Founder and CEO


You want to mobilize your (potential) customers. We design live communication for you that can actively sell, raise your profile and shape your image.


You want to encourage your employees. We design live communication for you that expresses appreciation, motivates and activates.


You want to attract an expert audience. We design live communication for you that highlights or expands your expertise.

Friends & Partners

You want to impress friends and close partners of your company. We design live communication for you that inspires and connects.


You want to drive the media? We design live communication for you that has an analog and digital impact.


You want to mobilize the public. We design live communication for you that will be positively remembered.

Current projects

The pandemic limits our options, but doing nothing is stupid.


Translation: lighthouse-like
Meaning: groundbreaking, outstanding, visible from afar

This is how we do it

From the first idea to the decisive event design and the basic event management to the final success control, we are your partner. By the way: If you are looking for yes-men, you are wrong with us. We are honest and direct. In return, you can be sure that we will do everything for your success.

First, we talk about what you want to achieve in an event design workshop and define clearly measurable targets together.

In this process, we take enough time to get to know you, but especially the people you want to influence with your event.

With the results of our workshop, a lot of experience and a strong network of creatives, graphic designers, architects and consultants, we now put together the right project team for our project.

From a bunch of creative and bold ideas, we then develop a focused and effective concept. Already at this step we consistently pay attention to sustainability.

When it comes to event organization, we again draw on the network we have built up over the years and select the service providers that best suit your requirements. In this way, we can also realize projects with small budgets.

Now it becomes magical. Your event takes place and you experience for yourself how effective it is.

So while you’re being touched, we’re hard at work behind the scenes making sure everything goes perfectly.

When the last decoration is dismantled and the first flowers sprout from the lasting confetti, it’s far from the end for us.

We now start analyzing your event. Based on the jointly defined goals, we measure the effectiveness of the event and gain valuable insights for next time.

we affect people.
we achieve great results.

leuchtturmartig Messe und Event GmbH